Made by :

PEUGEOT 404 Break   


PEUGEOT 404 East African Safari 1962 en 1963               PEUGEOT 404 sedan                    PEUGEOT 106

PEUGEOT  106 XSi Tour de Corse

Made by :

PEUGEOT 504 Coupť       Cabriolet

Made by Mebetoys:

Matra Simca Ranch(o)            Fiat Nuovo 500             Opel Monza                      Renault 5

CitroŽn Dyane                     CitroŽn Dyane Cross                   Mini De Tomaso

Made by PayŠ:

Renault 8 (steerable and windable)

Made by :

Iso Rivolta Coupť GT

Renault R-10

Made by Pilen:

Simca 1200                          Fiat 850 Spyder                       Seat 600                    Coche Fantastico Kitt

                                         Seat 131 E                                                                                 Seat 1200 Sport                                      

Ferrari P.5 Berlineta, Vauxhall SRV, Ferrari 512S                             Opel Manta, Mini Cooper, Seat 600.
These were once made by Pilen but  are now remade by Doorkey.
De Mini and Seat are remade by Guisval under the name:
Guisval Classics the 60's collection.

Made by Dinky Toys:         

Rolls Royce Phantom V   

Austin Princess 2200 HL                                  MGB-GT

Made by Tekno Denmark:  Metosul:                     PA:                               Van Tonka:         Made by MC Toy:   

Ford Taunus 17 M                                 PEUGEOT 304                        Citroen 2 C.V                     Ford Escort                    CitroŽn BX 16

Made by Verem:     

 CitroŽn Ami 6              Ferrari Le Mans Daytona     PEUGEOT 604 V6 SL

Maserati Indy

Made by :                                                                                                  Made by :

Masrerati Ghibli                    Volvo 66 DL                       Opel Ascona                                Talbot Matra Murena 

Matra Simca Bagheera

Made by Franklin Mint:                                               Majorette,  Siku, Majorette

Lincoln Continental en Oldsmobile Starfire                                    CitroŽn DS 21 Ambulance,   DS 21,   CitroŽn CX

Made by Eko 1:86:

Mercedes Transporter with above: Opel Rekord Caravan, Ford Zephyr, Alfa Romeo Guilietta Sprint,
and under: Jeep, Skoda Oktavia, Opel Kadett and besides Land Rover, Jeep Wagon and a Seat Ritmo made by Bertren HO.