An old kit made by Crown model, including a motor,
bought at a fair for only 1 guilder (45 eurocents).                                  Gowland & Gowland:

Toyopet (Toyota) Corona                                                                          Model T Ford 1915

Construction Kit made by Airfix, from ± 1949 bought at our local autumn-fair for only 1 Euro..

Ferguson Tractor

This Volvo 244 GLT, scale 1:20, you'll find for a lot of money at exchange marts, 
I was so lucky to find it, just for 1 Guilder (45 eurocents), at our local autumn-fair.


Handbouw van: Mini Véhicules Incendiés:


Made by Kaden:

 Skoda                                         Porsche Carrera 6             Fiat 1100 Lusso Berlina

3 x Jaguar Type D                                                                     2 x Triumph TR 4                             MGA
The Swift "Splashcars", in the '60 these were got as a present with 2 packs of Swift washing powder.

Made by Tomte:

Renault Floride              P[EUGEOT 403                   Mercedes 190 SL           Mercedes 180                   VW Kever                     Alfa Romeo        

Land Rover                       Willys                            Dodge


Made by Stelco:               Made by Miniflex:                    Made by Vinylline:

Ford Capri                                    Renault Floride                                            Faun                                            Opel GT

Made by Combiplay:              Galanite Sweden:           Minialuxe:                      Safir:                  

Volvo Amazon                                      Volvo Amazon                            PEUGEOT  from 1906                PEUGEOT 1899 Victoria

Unknown:                 MIK 1:40:              Gozan:

Racecar (80 grams)                 Renault Alpine                    PEUGEOT 205                             PEUGEOT 205 (was filled with sweets)

Made by Pez:

Innocenti Mini (1:72)