Klik, en neem een kijkje in de wondere wereld van PEUGEOT!!!!!

Every year I visit the PEUGEOT Museum in Sochaux (France).
Click on the picture above to have a look at, and to get more information about the museum.
  I advise all PEUGEOT lovers to visit the museum to!

                  Mooi hè, deze ECLIPSE

This beautiful Eclipse at the PEUGEOT museum, already had the ingenious folding roof as the 206 CC now has.
Here below the pictures made on the 4th of August 2000. 
Very nice are the details, such as posters and all kinds of things corresponding to the age of the cars.


The Eclipse                                        The 103 Torpedo

       The 203 Darl'mat                            The 304 Coupé and Convertible

The 302 Darl'mat                              The 404 Diesel Record

Here below some pictures made in 2001 in the museums shop.

And these are made inside the museum.

PEUGEOT Escapade

PEUGEOT Paladine

PEUGEOT 205                                                 PEUGEOT 203 Darl'mat


 PEUGEOT Touareg

Here below some pictures made in 2002.

                                                                                                        PEUGEOT 403 Coupé

PEUGEOT  403 Coupé                                      PEUGEOT 404

PEUGEOT  505 Cabrio, 309 en 205                    PEUGEOT 301 C Torpedo

Here below some pictures made in 2004.

PEUGEOT 601 Cabrio                                      PEUGEOT 301 coupé

PEUGEOT  24 heures Le Mans 1979/1980                  PEUGEOT  605 Présidentièle


Here below some pictures made in 2005 in the museum and in the shop.




This collection of 3700 PEUGEOT modelcars was a gift from M. Alain Bureau to the museum.

PEUGEOT CD (1963)                                                                       PEUGEOT 405 Turbo 16

PEUGEOT Quasar                                                   PEUGEOT Moonster

De boutique

L'Aventure PEUGEOT